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Dr. Dionoso Martos

After using Fixtoe I have seen a great improvement in the symptoms and a decrease in the volume of synovial fluid measure by ultrasound. It will also serve as a post - surgical digital stabiliser.


Dr. Pedro Munuera

This ingenious device created by podiatrists has the great advantage of taking into account the pathomechanics of the injury and the bio mechanics of the treatment for which it is designed.


Dr. Kevin Kirby

I have had a runner patient with a broken plant plate who was limited by pain and recommended Fixtoe along with a cold press twice a day. He called me being happy with the ability to run again.


Dr. Alfonso Martínez

I have had the opportunity to test Fixtoe on some patients at the clinic who have benefited from this device as it has allowed them to control the pain they had.


Dr. Javier Pascual

Fixtoe is excellent for treating the instability of the minor metatarsophalangeal joints. It can also be used for the treatment of the metatarsals.


Dr. Bernardino Basas

Today I utilised a Fixtoe on a patient on the second hammertoe and metatarsal, with pain in the head of the second metatarsal and back of the second finger. She went away delighted, with great relief.


Dr. David Cid

The device has a great advantage, it is easily attached and removed by the patient, it is more reliable than conventional bandages, it compresses and discharges to the sub capital area.


Prof. Fran Monzó

Fixtoe is an extremely useful device in the daily clinical practice of all professionals who are dedicated to the treatment of the foot and ankle. It is an indispensable device.