Fixtoe - Podiatric innovation

“Innovation and design of patented medical devices and clinical excellence for healthcare professionals through online education.”

Our devices

Fixtoe Pro device

Conservative Treatment

✓ Predislocation Syndrome (MTPPS)
✓ Floating toe
✓ Capsulitis
✓ Digital alternations (flexible or semi-flexible claw toes, …)

Fixtoe Qx device

Post-surgical stabilizer

✓ Hallux Abductus Valgus Surgery
✓ Surgery of minor toes (2nd, 3rd and 4th)
✓ Metatarsal osteotomies (Weil type, elevating, arthrodesis, …)



Each device has a registered high technology behind it.


Scientific endorsement

Behind every device there is a scientific study that endorses it.


High recurrency

All our devices treat pathologies with high clinical incidence.

Why was Fixtoe Company born?

Thanks to the clinical demand, we decided to solve all those pathologies and problems in the daily consultation, which worried both patients and fellow foot specialists.

That is why Fixtoe Device was born, to facilitate the consultation of the professional and improve the quality of life of patients with unique, effective and scientifically endorsed devices.


Our team of podiatrists has turned, during years of clinical consultation, to give solutions to the problems of our patients, who in turned up to be very satistied. We are a committed team that cares about you.

We have a wide career and years of experience behind us, reaching after two years of development and clinical research, to find the final solution to our paradigma with Fixtoe. Our research continues every day.


Fixtoe has been the first device to cover a vital need, but we won't just stop there. Our team of podiatrists continues in the research and development of products that effectively solve the problems of our patients.


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